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News and Notes: Tribe bats checked in Arizona

Meanwhile, Yandy Diaz continues to make excellent defensive plays at third base.

Pictured: Edwin Encarnacion (right), Edwin Encarnacion's bat (lower left)
Pictured: Edwin Encarnacion (right), Edwin Encarnacion's bat (lower left)
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Last Night's Game: Diamondbacks 11, Indians 2

D-backs rout Indians as Zack Greinke gets win |

Cleveland Indians lose to Arizona, 11-2, after Edwin Encarnacion loses his cool |

Cleveland Indians hammered in sixth, eighth, fall to Diamondbacks 11-2 - Let's Go Tribe

The Indians actually led 1-0 as late as the bottom of the sixth. But then Arizona started to hit, and they kept hitting, and hitting, and hitting, and hitting...

Trevor Bauer just ran out of gas, or he lost his location, or maybe a combination of both. He did leave having thrown 102 pitches, didn't walk a batter, but towards the end he was missing badly on the plate. The bullpen didn't allow any chance for the offense to make a late comeback. The only good thing to come from this is that if the game is remotely close today, you'll see both Andrew Miller and Cody Allen pitch, as they once again didn't appear.

Tribe News

Indians' Edwin Encarnacion tosses bat after K |

Given that the bat ended up at the feet of home plate umpire Angel Hernandez (who didn't make the bad call - that was Lance Barksdale), I was also shocked that Encarnacion wasn't summarily tossed. I also thought the check swing was a bad call, though it wasn't an outrageously bad call, if that makes any sense.

Indians' Yandy Diaz playing solid third base |

Diaz made a handful of excellent defensive plays in the game last night as well.

Cleveland Indians have Terry Talkin' good news about hitting, pitching, catching -- Pluto (photos) |

Things can change in a hurry, but a lot of the injury concerns heading into the season (Brantley, Salazar, Carrasco) haven't been concerns in the first week of the season. Brantley has looked as if he didn't miss almost the entire 2016 season, Carrasco's velocity has been the same as before, and Salazar's stuff looked as electric as ever.

Around MLB

Dave Laurilia's news and notes, which contains this news from a LGFT:

Milwaukee’s Jesus Aguilar had seven home runs and a 1.420 OPS during spring training. In 11 regular season at bats (through Friday) he has seven hits and a 1.420 OPS.

Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez is on the DL with a strained bicep

Because of a different way of measuring pitch velocity (out of the pitcher's hand rather than at a set point in front of the mound), official pitch speeds are up 0.6 mph on average

MLB has looked into the bizarre play in which the ball "stuck" to Yadier Molina's chest protector, and didn't find any rules violation.