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Carlos Santana might be Tribe’s next extension target

Morning news & notes for Friday, April 7, 2017

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Texas Rangers Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Off days, while absolutely necessary for the health of all the players involved, are so tough to endure after such a hype-worthy series. Fortunately, watching Lindor’s grand slam from Wednesday on repeat for 24 hours has given me enough strength to make it through to Friday. Here’s a collection of links I rounded up in the free seconds between video loops:

Tribe news & notes

Inside Baseball — AL: Indians next extension target | Fanrag Sports

Jon Heyman has some unsourced information that Carlos Santana is next on the Tribe’s list of players to extend. To borrow a phrase from the kids, this is big if true, as Santana is slated to become a free agent after this season. It also makes you wonder, given the fact that the Indians’ budget isn’t unlimited, what a Santana extension might mean for a potential Francisco Lindor extension.

Hot start fuels talk of Lindor’s MVP chances |

It’s a bit absurd to be talking about this, I think. I mean really - who else would you expect to win the MVP award this year? The other 749 dudes on active MLB rosters might as well pack it up and invest the remainder of their salaries in Angry Frank stock.

Fransco Lindor’s odyssey: two homers and an error | Waiting for Next Year

Jim Pete recaps the tale of Francisco Lindor’s transition from fun-loving Frankie to Angry Frank on that fateful April night. Long story short? Be afraid, MLB. Be very afraid.

Carlos Santana, Indians' leadoff hitter, sets new path for top of lineup |

Paul Hoynes, it seems, has finally come to terms with the idea that a leadoff hitter can be someone who doesn’t nail hundreds of stealing gloves to the walls of his bedroom or arrive to Spring Training in a crisp, white suit.

Brantley expects the unexpected in comeback |

From “dry” swings, to hitting off a tee, to locking down a spot in the Opening Day lineup, it’s been a long road back for Dr. Smooth. The only thing left now? Win the whole. [REDACTED]. thing.

See dingers and whiffs at the Clip Show | Burning River Baseball

As minor league baseball gets underway, the good folks at BRB provide a handy guide on who to watch handle the sticks and fire the cannons in Columbus. Great news for people who love #monsterdongs!

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