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Francisco Lindor hit his first home run of 2017, but he wasn’t happy about it

Angry Lindor doesn’t mess around.

Seeing Francisco Lindor not smile while he rounds the bases (or when he does literally anything) is pretty rare. Almost as rare as him making a boneheaded move on defense. Both things happened tonight, one preceding the other.

In the fifth inning, with a one-run lead over the Texas Rangers, Lindor snagged a ball off the bat of Shin-Soo Choo. Jose Ramirez probably wasn’t in the right place to grab a toss at second, and Lindor failed to get the out, then compounded the issue by throwing to first and catching first baseman Edwin Encarnacion off guard. Edwin probably should have caught the ball, but Lindor’s throw wasn’t a great decision, either.

It bounced of Edwin’s glove and resulted in two runs. Lindor was visibly upset by his error throughout the rest of the inning, and even into the next inning when he crushed a solo home run off Cole Hamels in the top half of the sixth inning.

Lindor’s bomb put the Indians within one, but the usual joy in his face was lacking.

So enjoy Lindor’s first home run of 2017, and enjoy a rare glimpse into the face of angry Frankie.