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Nothing can stop the Cody Allen hot takes

Cody Allen allowed his first earned run since September 21; he’s literally the worst.

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Texas Rangers Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Cody Allen was on the mound in last night’s win over the Texas Rangers. Cody Allen did everything he had to to preserve said win, including striking out three Rangers batters to close it out. But that still wasn’t enough to stop the scorching Twitter hot takes every time he dared to do anything besides strike someone out.

Granted, it got a little scary there with Mike Napoli turning his back to the people he once loved and launching a double to center field, but god damn, it’s the second game of the season and Cody Allen has consistently been one of the better closers in the league.

Considering how many teams would kill for a closer like Allen — a closer good enough to let Terry Francona use Andrew Miller wherever he damn well pleases — maybe he deserves a break. Besides, you all need to save some of this blind hate for Byran Shaw. He’ll probably be in tonight.

These baseless reliever hot takes come in all shapes and sizes, and I believe Indians fans went through most of them last night. Let’s take a look.

He said for sure, and that means for sure, you guys.

“I mean, he’s good which implies I should trust him but I don’t trust him because right now at this current moment he is giving up a couple hits. Therefore, no trust. Oh wait he struck out someone trust again now please.”

Jordan Bastian would have none of it in his mentions:

weak af

How about literally the game before this one where he allowed one hit and struck out three of the four batters he faced? Or maybe all of last year’s playoffs?

*which is saving games.

*saving games.

You know what, in a bigger moment, I concede this could be a good point. But in the second game of the season I’d rather not have my best reliever throw two innings.

Pointless and oddly specific.

Literally unwatchable.

He did.

* * *

Of course, after Allen turns it on and shuts opposing teams down, there is always the post-hot-take regret. You know how these go already — a lot of celebrating and not a lot of self-awareness about in-the-moment hot takes.

So I’ll leave you with my favorite 180 of the evening:

11:15 PM:

11:24 PM: