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Jose Ramirez carrying on the gold-coated legacy of Juan Uribe

Jose Ramirez, still the best.

Jose Ramirez hit another huge clutch hit tonight. I’d go back and recap every other time he’s done that, but I want to sleep some time before next Wednesday. Ramirez, as he often does, celebrated with some high fashion. Gold fashion to be precise.

Anyone who follows baseball, high fashion, or the Church of Juan Uribe should know this look seems kind of familiar.

Juan Uribe was never very good in his short time with the Cleveland Indians, only slashing .206/.259/.332 before being released after 73 games last season. But his influence on Jose Ramirez, who has emerged as one of the team’s best hitters, is undeniable.

The two had a father and son-like relationship when Uribe was in Cleveland, and it arguably helped Ramirez open up more and express himself in the locker room and on the field. Did that help him hit better and become an absolute terror with runners on base? Maybe. Maybe not. But at the very least Uribe’s fashion sense seems to have rubbed off on him. And for that, we should be thankful.