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Michael Brantley and Austin Jackson hit home runs; Jason Kipnis almost does

Morning News and Notes for Wednesday, April 26, 2017.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Indians played at 6 yesterday and play at 6 again today. They’ll try to play better this time; hitting into fewer than 73 double plays might be a good place to start. One good sign from yesterdays game was that Jason Kipnis hit this ball 391 feet, which seems to indicate a positive level of health.

Unfortunately for Houston, their win didn't come without some bad news: Jose Altuve and Teoscar Hernandez collided in the outfield and both players were removed from the game. Hernandez needed to be carted off. George Springer, himself injured, was forced into the game in right field.

• Proving that God exists, the Yankees and Red Sox were rained out yesterday. It was not the only rainout yesterday, but it was the only one that made headlines.

• The Indians pitching was bound to straighten itself out without any drastic measures.

Quick links

• The A's placed LGFT Rajai Davis on the 10-day DL

• CWS put Zach Putnam on the 10-day As well

• The Marlins are likely to be purchased by Jeb Bush and Derek Jeter. No, those are not two names that an equally random rich person drew from a hat.

• King Felix Hernandez is having some shoulder difficulties that will be checked out by a doctor. Hopefully he's ok.

• 538 considers whether baseball should have ties

• Kyle Hendricks has not been the same this year

• Unfortunately, the Indians will pander to the Browns this week

• In tests, the Astros have a lot of White Sox and Michael Martinez is still pitching

Hey, that's Corey Kluber!

• The Marlins are less important than the NFL draft and Derek Jeter isn't going to change that.

This is one way to be safe at home plate