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Yandy Diaz looking to take steps forward in Columbus

Morning news and notes for Tuesday, April 25, 2017.

Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Indians Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images

Yesterday felt empty without Tribe baseball. After a successful road trip, the Cleveland Indians head home today to start off a new homestand against the Houston Astros in what could be an October preview.

Tribe News

Diaz working on pitch selection at Triple-A | MLB

#YandyWatch has shifted to Columbus (for now) as the rookie heads back to the Clippers to work on recognizing pitches and hitting the ball before it gets too deep into the strike zone. With Yandy’s biceps, once he figures out his timing in AAA, expect him to launch baseballs into orbit as a member of the Indians.

Cleveland Indians fans can capture scoreboard, TV appearances using ‘15 Seconds of Fame’ app |

We’ve all been there: you’re sitting next to a few friends, maybe a family member or two, at the ballpark scraping the last bit of nacho cheese out of your helmet nachos. Your buddy to your left frantically slaps your shoulder with one hand while gesturing wildly to the scoreboard out in left field with the other. You look up to see a giant sized video of yourself above the bleachers. You fumble around your nacholess helmet to find your phone, cheesy fingers trembling as you try to remember your lock screen password. On your fourth attempt, your home screen appears as you immediately click the camera icon. You swing the phone skyward in hopes of immortalizing your newfound fame in a photograph only to find that the cameraman has grown tired of you and has shifted his focus to the child sitting atop his dad’s shoulders somewhere on the other side of the ballpark. Dejected, you grumble as you continue your futile harvesting of the remnants of your nachos, thinking that one day, you’ll get that perfect shot.

Well, there’s an app for that now.

Tomlin, Indians set to start homestand | MLB

Now would be a great time for Josh Tomlin to work on lowering his ghastly 11.68 ERA. He’ll have to do it against a strong Houston team and hope that his offense can get past the ground-ball wizard that is Dallas Keuchel.

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