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Cleveland Indians News and Notes: The Day before Opening Day

Today is the final day of the off-season.

Opening Day is almost upon us.
Opening Day is almost upon us.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, technically the 2017 MLB season starts tonight, but 28 24 other clubs are not playing, so I don't think it counts as Opening Day. One more day to prognosticate, to dream, to dread, to wonder, for tomorrow the season begins.

Yesterday's Game: None

This will be the last the Indians won't have a scheduled game on Saturday until at least October 8th. And that may be because of the playoff schedule (let's hope). Anyway, the Indians are in the Dallas Metroplex preparing for the Rangers tomorrow.

Tribe News

Wow, is there a lot of it. Here goes...

Cleveland Indians have Terry Talkin' Yandy Diaz, Carlos Santana -- Terry Pluto (photos) |

Pluto looks back on Yandy Diaz's rise to the Opening Day roster. He also notes that Carlos Santana is probably going to play at least one of the Arizona games in the outfield in order to keep both his and Encarnacion's bat in the lineup.

Indians CEO Paul Dolan enjoys expectations |

It's much better to have to deal with expectations than have to create them. Five years ago, the Indians organization was, quite frankly, a mess. Now they're a big favorite to win the AL Central. I'll certainly take that over what we were feeling at the end of the 2012 season.

Indians' 25-man roster among best in MLB |

Jordan Bastian goes over the Opening Day roster.

Cleveland Indians closer Cody Allen a humble hero: Terry Pluto (photos) |

A photo essay(??) on Cody Allen

A sensational summer in Cleveland

A remembrance of the last time the Indians won the championship from those who were there. One stat that stuck out to me: Bob Feller led the league in strikeouts...with 164.

Indians taking hard-line stance against brokers - Crain's Cleveland Business

The Indians have stopped selling season tickets (including partial packages) to ticket brokers. Of course, this creates a cat-and-mouse game where brokers don't them under their name, and the club has to figure out this out.

Did Ketchup play role in shoulder injury to Cleveland Indians' Jason Kipnis? Hey, Hoynsie |

Normally I don't post these, but the entertainment value of the question and answer is too high to pass up.

Around MLB

An overview of's new features. This is the 15th(!) year of the service.

The Indians won't have to deal with Adrian Beltre, as he's been placed on the 10-day Disabled List

Dave Laurilia's Sunday notes