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Cleveland Indians' Bruce Chen makes effective WBC start

Morning News and Notes for March 8, 2017

Bruce Chen and his shoes
Bruce Chen and his shoes
Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images

Bruce Chen, who is retired and an employee of the Cleveland Indians, nevertheless pitched in the World Baseball Classic last night. He went 2.2 scoreless innings against Cuba, giving up 3 hits and walking one. The Chinese bullpen did not fare as well, however, and Cuba ended up winning 6-0. A little more on Chen below...

Indians Notes

• Josh Tomlin's father Jerry is determined to walk again. "He never says, 'If,'" said Josh. "He will walk again." As for the stage that people got to know his story on in 2016, he wants to do better in 2017: "If we get back there," Jerry said, "we're going to come out on top of it this time. I promise you."

Around baseball

• Alex Rodriguez will be expanding his role with FOX Sports and will announce some Saturday games from the booth. Excited about this.

• LGFT Chris Archer wants people to know that the WBC matters—and hopes it shows what a beautifully diverse country America is.

Beads beads beads beads beads bees swarmed the Padres who were taking batting practice yesterday. They did not appreciate the gesture.

• An MRI on Scott Kazmir's hip was negative. That's good to hear.

• On the Cuban WBC team exists another Yoe' Cespedes. IDK about you, but I found this news to be very exciting.

• Speaking of Cespedes, his family barbeque does not approve of Bruce Chen's shoe choices.

• I have accepted Jonah's generous gift of many sports leagues


Andrew Miller understands the greatness that is Indians reliever Dan Otero: