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Cleveland Indians unveil a helmetless Jose Ramirez bobblehead


Indians Twitter

One of the best things to come out of last season (other than, you know, an incredible run to the World Series) was Jose Ramirez. Nothing specific about him, just the fact the existed and we were all better for it. One of the better things about Ramirez, though, was the fact that his dang helmet just would not stay on his head.

According to a very accurate tracking system known as Zack Meisel’s Twitter account, Ramirez lost his helmet 62 times throughout 2016, including five in the bright lights of playoff baseball.

To commemorate this crowning achievement, the Indians have unveiled a new bobblehead for 2017 that shows Jose sans helmet and with his bright orange hair that he donned for much of the 2016 season:

Undoubtedly the best helmetless moment came in May when he actually managed to lose his helmet, kick it, and almost have it land back on his head. Matt Schlichting broke down the wonderful event in great detail, and we even had a shirt made to commemorate it.

Here’s to a lot more Angry Hamster hits and a lot more helmets flying off of angry heads.