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Shawn Armstrong makes Opening Day roster; will Indians finally let him stay?

Morning News and Notes for Wed. March 29, 2017.

This legend is out to prove a group of Internet commentators correct
This legend is out to prove a group of Internet commentators correct
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I don't need to purchase any of your personal data to know that you just visited Let's Go Tribe (dot com). Fortunately for you, we have nothing naughty for you to look at. We do, however have baseball news and baseball notes.

First, we have some discussion points regarding the Indians' 13-12 loss to the Brewers yesterday (kickers were 1-for-4 on their PAT attempts even though nobody was jumping snappers)... Is Yandy Diaz still on fire? Yandy Diaz is still on fire. Corey Kluber gave up a handful of runs—but not in the short timeframe that Bryan Shaw managed to do so.

Indians News

Much to the delight of the person typing this (and this guy), Shawn Armstrong has made the Opening Day roster and is projected to be very good. Kyle Crockett, Nick Goody and Carlos Frias were optioned to the minor leagues.

Also, the Indians made the made the previously-reported Jose Ramirez extension official yesterday.

And there is hope that Michael Brantley will be on the Opening Day roster.

• The Indians are the best team in the baseball video game "MLB The Show 17." This is because the Indians are the best team in the baseball.

Jordy McElroy of is of the belief that Francisco Lindor is #TheNextFaceOfBaseball. This is also because Francisco Lindor is the best thing in the baseball. Oh, wait—Mike Trout still exists? Hold up. No, don't. No, do. Wait. No; whatever.

Around MLB

• Cleveland's handling of Jesus Aguilar’s roster spot was a curious case for years. The front office seemed to value him enough to keep him on the 40-man, but every time he was on the MLB team, Tito would have him riding the bench. The Brewers apparently have other plans, as he made their club straight out of Spring Training.

• Two of baseball’s worst teams transacted on Scooter Gennett yesterday. Really wish he'd just go by "Ryan."

• The Rays acquired Peter Bourjos from CWS. Finally, he graduated.

• The ceremonial first pitch of the Washington Nationals’ season will not be thrown by anybody with an approval rating in the 30s. If this lasts the full season, it will be the first time since 1910 that no such pitch will be thrown by said political figure.

Isn’t marketing a current team more fun than marketing the 1995 Indians for twenty years?