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Sunday News and Notes: One week to go

The Indians will need to make a decision on Austin Jackson today.

Terry Francona and the Indians needed to tell Austin Jackson whether he made the team by today
Terry Francona and the Indians needed to tell Austin Jackson whether he made the team by today
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday's Game: White Sox 10, Indians 7

Box score: Chicago White Sox vs. Cleveland Indians - Box Score - March 25, 2017 | FOX Sports

There were a lot of regulars in the lineup, with the top 4 Santana-Lindor-Brantley-Encarnacion, hopefully a preview of the top four on April 3. Yandy Diaz went 1-for-3 with a double, and Bradley Zimmer hit a triple in his only plate appearance of the game. Zimmer's probably not going to make the Opening Day roster, but he's set himself up for a callup later in the season.

Tribe News

Extension between Jose Ramirez, Cleveland Indians reason to celebrate no matter how long |

Jose Ramirez deal reveals Indians' future |

This kind of extension, made the year before a player is eligible for arbitration, is the sweet spot for both team and player in that the team can buy out a couple years of free agency and the player gets set for life. Ramirez isn't maximizing his earning potential, but then again, 100% of 70-75% is a lot better piece of mind than 0% of 100%.

From the article, we learn that Friday was the self-imposed deadline for both the Indians and Ramirez. Oh, and this line..

There is another school of thought that says arbitration doesn't favor third basemen who don't hit 30 homers and drive in 100 RBI a year.

...made me wonder if Hoynes knows a certain meme.

Meanwhile on Twitter:

(referencing that the extension still requires a physical)

Indians' Jason Kipnis takes swings in cage |

Good news on the Kipnis front. Also, the Indians needed to let Austin Jackson know if he made the team by now, as he can opt out from his minor-league deal today.

Around MLB

Both Lucroy and Darvish can become free agents after this season, so these were going to be difficult negotiations; usually the closer a player gets to free agency, the more likely he is just to wait it out rather than take the guaranteed money.

Odubel Herrera is the king of Kelly Leak plays |

Statcast is also going to be tracking defensive plays "stolen" from another fielder (usually on outfield fly balls), something that should help us understand defensive ratings a bit better.

Rays sign free agent catcher Derek Norris to 1-year contract - DRaysBay

Norris was released earlier this spring after the Nationals signed Matt Wieters.