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Let’s Talk Tribe Podcast Ep. 65: The injury hour

A whole bunch of injuries with our guest, doctor of physical therapy Brandon Bowers, Yandy Diaz is still amazing, your questions, and more!

The Cleveland Indians are a little dinged up. There’s no way to avoid it, but we sure can analyze it. To do that, we asked for some opinions from a real doctor and friend of the podcast, Brandon Bowers.

Brandon helped us understand exactly what a cortisone shot is, if we should compare Kipnis’s situation to Brantley’s, what to make of Cody Anderson’s decision to opt for Tommy John surgery, and more. Believe it or not, there’s also some good news too in the form of Brantley working his way back from a half-dozen injuries over the last year.

And of course Matt and I are not about to let a podcast go by without discussing Yandy Diaz. And, naturally, that discussion led to the third-base situation and if Yandy will be the one called up to fill-in for Jose Ramirez when he inevitable fills in at second base.

Questions this week include Matt McFee who wants to know if the Indians could possibly opt to not pick up Michael Brantley’s 2018 option, Frank Swanson who wants to know how the Indians will replace Cody Anderson, @ShrockTheWorld who wants to know if Edwin Encarnacion will ever hit a home run, @smack_pt who wants to know if we have any concerns about Yan Gomes, and Collin Byler who wants to know why the Indians put down... er sent down... Ryan Merritt.

The new intro and outro music comes courtesy of the Cleveland-based band New Planet Trampoline and their track ‘Confidence Man.’ Check them out on Bandcamp.

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