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Carlos Carrasco dealing with swollen elbow

Morning News and Notes for Wednesday, March 15, 2017.

Carlos and his ballplayer friend
Carlos and his ballplayer friend
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

7:36 AM, CLEVELAND—84 words from now, we have news (or a note) that will change history as we know it. Hold on, because first we have to discuss baseball that was played yesterday.

The Indians, depleted by the WBC, took on the Giants in Goodyear. Josh Tomlin went 3 innings, gave up 8 hits and 6 runs. 5 of them were earned. He gave up 2 of those things that he gives up a lot of. So goes the Josh Tomlin experience. On the offensive side of things, Jose Ramirez also did what he does, collecting 2 hits and a walk. King Lonnie Chisenhall added a double and so did Bradley Zimmer and a couple other guys. These hitting facts were not enough, as the Indians lost 6–5.

Another thing depleting the Indians this spring? Injuries. Carlos Carrasco is the latest one. Carrasco wasn't all that good his last time out, so the Indians looked into things medically and found something they didn't like. "As a result, Francona said the team is leaning toward skipping Carrasco at least once in the spring rotation." It's just swelling, which isn't the worst, but is far from ideal. Tito added "Structurally, it's the same as it was, which is really good news."

The Indians won't need a #5 starter until April 15 (Ahem—weather permitting).

Indians Notes

• Michael Brantley is on track to play MiLB games on Wednesday and Friday. Hopefully he can avoid setbacks this time around.

• Kyle Crockett appears to have a 4th option because he is not on MLBTR's list of men who are out of them. (Unless they did something wrong)

• There are many Indians prospects to be excited about this spring. Read this! It's as high on Shawn Armstrong as I am. Hopefully the Indians agree this season, unlike last.

• Cody Anderson and Jason Kipnis will be further examined soon.

• LGFT and LGFUWR† Craig Breslow turned to science in order to get back to pitching. He and LGFT Derek Falvey seem to have taken a liking to eachother, which isn't entirely surprising since his methods sound a little Bauer-y.

† cmon, think about it^

Around baseball

• The Tampa Bay Rays are going to sign defensive whiz Kevin Kiermaier for 6 years.

• Here's a Jeff Sullivan article on catch probabilities that I have not read.


^ let’s go former unused Wedge reliever