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A dedicated fan (?) made a compilation of every home run Trevor Bauer has given up in his career

And Trevor noticed.

Divisional Round - New York Yankees v Cleveland Indians - Game One Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Have you ever just disliked someone so much that you spent hours of your life highlighting the worst 16 minutes of someone else’s professional life? That’s exactly what someone by the name of Andrew Vargha did when he put together a comprehensive video showing every single one of the 92 home runs Trevor Bauer has given up in his major-league career.

On the surface that doesn’t sound like much — just find some videos, put them together, bing bang boom. But when you just sit down and think about the tedious nature of downloading 92 videos, keeping 92 videos organized, and putting 92 videos together to form 16 hours of smack talk, it starts to hurt your soul just a bit.

The video itself starts out kind of fun (who doesn’t love watching dingers?) but at about the 8-minute mark the darkness of watching your team give up dingers starts to set in. Even the constant barrage of Hammy calls doesn’t make up for it.

To be fair, Andrew Vargha is the unsung hero of stealing MLB highlights for his own YouTube channel, as his dozens of uploads are nothing more than compilations. From Matt Vasgersian getting excited in the booth (and its sequel) to all of Steve Cishek’s blown saves, and everything in between, this weirdly dedicated fan has you covered. Clearly he has a system down by now, but I can’t wrap my head around the purpose.

At his best, Trevor Bauer’s on Twitter is some light trolling with fans (and not-so-much fans), which is what it seems like he’s doing in calling out this guy for making a compilation of him and supposedly tweeting it under another account.

And also this happened.

I’m dead.