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Let’s Talk Tribe Podcast Ep. 84: Life after Carlos

Carlos is gone, but there’s still hope for the offseason. In the event of all hope being lost, we also have some other things you can do to fill time until March.

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The time following the Winter Meetings right up until pitchers and catchers begin reporting is a notoriously boring time for baseball, and 2017 seems like it’s going to be even worse. As teams prepare their finances to make a run on a slew of big-name free agents in 2018, this offseason remains as slow as can be. Unless you’re the Philadelphia Phillies, of course, who just signed Carlos Santana to a three-year, $60 million deal.

Jason and I discuss that, as well as things you can do to fill your time until baseball returns. Seriously though, if you’re playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp hit me up on Twitter. I need more campers I’m serious this isn’t a joke my life is meaningless without them please for the love of god I. Need. More. Campers.

How ‘bout that Melvin Upton Jr.?

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