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Bryan Shaw signed by Colorado Rockies

I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad.

Divisional Round - New York Yankees v Cleveland Indians - Game Five Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

If you post on this website, you have a strong opinion about Bryan Shaw.

If you don’t post on this website, you have a strong opinion about Bryan Shaw.

If you live in Denver, or Colorado, or root for the Rockies, you will soon have a strong opinion about Bryan Shaw.

Terry Francona once remarked that it would take two men to accomplish the job that Bryan Shaw has done in the Indians bullpen since his arrival in Cleveland. Some fans have said that they wish he would fall into magma, try to climb out, and then be struck by a meteorite immediately upon escaping the magma. I will not remark on the potential positives or negatives of those divergent opinions at this time, except to say that I think we will know by next August which side is correct.

The thing most astonishing to me is that Shaw, a reliever mostly maligned for giving up the long ball in unfortunate situations, has been signed by the team in the stadium most predisposed to giving up said long balls.

The Indians will miss him. I am certain that you can bank on that. The man has been responsible for about 70 innings out of the bullpen the last five years. That is not easily replaced. The good news for the Indians is that they are overflowing with quality pitchers. Will they move a certain hard-throwing righty to the pen full time? Will they groom a former starting prospect for relief moving forward?

Either way, the twitter alliance between the Rockies and Indians may be dead.

Are there more moves like this waiting in the wings for the Tribe? At the beginning of the Indians’ hot stove season, it’s too early to tell.