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Could the Indians head to Japan to replace Bryan Shaw?

Dennis Sarfate gets the dramatic clickbait headline treatment on this slow November 29, 2017 morning of news and notes

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Baltimore Orioles Photo Day
Yep. This guy. No, this isn’t exciting. And I apologize about that. Yes, that is the old Orioles hat, because this photo is 7+ years old.
Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images

The Major League Baseball cold stove forges forward after another uneventful Tuesday. Shohei Ohtani is waiting until the Brewers decide what they hate most about the Reds to pick where he will play sports in 2018.

I know you are anxious to hear about the Japanese Bryan Shaw replacement, but really, settle down. He was born in Queens, first of all. And you have to hear about Carlos Beltran first...

Around the baseball webz

• The Yankees are running out of uninterviewed humans after checking Carlos Beltran off their list of potential managers.

• The name Dennis Sarfate sounds vaguely familiar. Apparently he pitched in Japan last year, and might be the best available relief pitcher. COULD THE INDIANS REPLACE BRYAN SHAW WITH HIM? Your guess is as good as mine.

• Doug Fister passed his physical and is officially a Ranger.

• Jeff Sullivan would like to discuss Marwin Gonzalez. This will take less time than Marwin Gonzalez.

• The Braves would like to trade Matt Adams. Do not want.