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Molitor beats out Francona for Manager of the Year

Morning News and Notes for November 15, 2017

Minesotta Twins v Kansas City Royals
I guess when this is what you have to work with...
Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Of all people, Paul Molitor was chosen by the BBWAA as American League Manager of the Year. Yep— this guy, somehow.

Anyways, I’m pretty sure they got this one wrong. I’d have gone with all 3 of the other vote-getters before Molitor. Sure, he can be fourth. I found it interesting that every AL Central voter picked an AL Central manager, considering there was a damn good candidate down there in Houston.

Over in the league where they still let non-batters bat, Torey Lovullo was chosen for the honor. Dave Roberts finished in second, so Brandon Morrow only gets 40 more postseason innings than Rich Hill next year.


Rightly so, everybody figured out that acquiring Carlos Santana would be a great way to win more baseball games in 2018. This is why you’ve gotta lock that down before it becomes a problem.

Pay. The. Man.

Around baseball

• More and more, MLB teams are using versatile players as a way to increase their platoon advantage. The Indians have been doing this for a while, but note to Terry Francona: This only works if the player can actually hit *cough*MikeAviles*cough*.

(Also included is an interesting chart possibly explaining #KipInCF)

• Judge and Bellinger were expectedly named AL and NL ROY Monday night. Perhaps because this was expected, this news got absolutely zero attention though, and I didn’t find out until Tuesday afternoon—and even then, only because I was looking for news.

If I had read yesterday’s N&N, I would have known this sooner. Be sure to check Let’s Go Tribe every morning fo—nah, I can’t be this shameless.

• The Twins like Jake Arrieta but like Yu Darvish even more. “Same!” shouts the readers of an-an magazine.

• The Mets are looking for a second baseman, which could lead them to Dee Gordon or >>shudder<< Jason Kipnis. Are we all ready to be Met fans if Callaway gets Kip’ and ‘Los? We would finally get broadcaster upgrades that way—I’m just sayin’...

• A couple teams have shown interest in 44-year-old ballplayer Ichiro Suzuki.