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A Fond Farewell

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Writing is so weird. I can dash off almost 1,000 words on the arcane rules of the Qualifying Offer without much effort, but when it comes time to write about your thoughts, the right words just won't come forth. So rather than stare at my screen for another hour, I'll start with a spare announcement and hope the rest will follow.

This is my final post at Let's Go Tribe. As of today, I am no longer a front-page author or a moderator here.

There have been many times that I've thought about writing these words. Many of those times were because of frustration. But this time the impetus came from a feeling of contentment, and it's hard to push back against that. I still enjoy baseball and the Indians, but I think I've said all I want to say about those things, at least in a commercially-viable format. If sometime in the future I want to indulge myself, I'll do it in my quiet corner of the Internet.

In my introduction I said that I do read comments, but never could I have predicted what that would mean (in the best possible way). Whatever I've given has been returned to me tenfold just through getting to know all of you, whether it be fellow authors or readers, both past and present.

I do want to specifically thank Jason and Matt for allowing me to stick around after I gave up the site reins, which meant so much to me. This place is in great hands, and I look forward to watching it flourish from afar.

- Ryan