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Let’s Talk Tribe Podcast Ep. 59: Hot statue takes

In this week’s Let’s Talk Tribe, Jason and I discuss Austin Jackson, the 2019 All-Star game, Chief Wahoo, and statues. And we also take your non-outfield questions.

The Cleveland Indians are getting the All-Star game in 2019! But for something even closer to today, they also are getting Austin Jackson — for now, at least. Will he actually stay, or will he be opt out of his contract after spring training if he doesn't make the roster?

Jason and I find quite a bit to talk about this episode, which should get us a medal for January baseball discussions. We also talk about the merits of statues — how many is too many, and who should get the next one? How big is Heritage Park, anyway? Where should the Indians put Michael Martinez’s inevitable bust? All important questions.

We also take your important questions like @TribeRallyDrum who wants to know if Encarnacion will hit the John Adams drum, @Andrew19k who wants to know how much cheese is too much cheese, Marc Shefleton who wants to know the shortest-tenured Indians player, Earm Shaffer who wants our trade deadline predictions, Nicholas Hagedorn who wants to know a potential batting order, Derek Phillipes who wants to know who starts in right field, and @alextrhodes who wants to know if Brandon Guyer could bat leadoff against left-handed pitchers.

* * *

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