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Let’s Talk Tribe Podcast Ep. 56: They got Edwin!

The Indians signing Edwin, the idea of signing Francisco Lindor to a long-term contract, our top five prospects, and we welcome Brian Hemminger onto the show!

THEY DID IT. THE ABSOLUTE MADMEN! Yes, the Cleveland Indians signed Edwin Encarnacion and, yes, it’s been that long since we’ve had an episode of the podcast. We’re back from a holiday break and ready to talk Tribe with special guest Brian Hemminger!

Aside from fangirling over Encarnacion, the three of us also discuss the possibility of signing Francisco Lindor to a long-term deal. Also, in light of our community top prospects for 2017 vote kicking off, we all give our own personal top-five for the year.

Questions this week include @merrittrohlfing who wants to know if the Indians should go back to being the Bronchos (and when they’ll have a winning record against the Tigers), Douglas Elsrod who wants to about the outfield situation, and @RyanFlor4 who wants to know the best Indians pitcher of the 2000’s.

This week’s episode clocks in at 59 minutes. Thanks for listening!

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As an added bonus, we also spent a good 20 minutes giving our thoughts on Rogue One. Because, I don’t know if you heard, but we kind of like Star Wars. Nothing baseball-related here, but a whole lot of Star Wars.