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Trevor Bauer is spending Tribe Fest trolling his teammates on Twitter

Even at Tribe Fest, there’s always time to mess with teammates if you’re Trevor Bauer.

The 2017 Tribe Fest is finally upon us. It’s a time to hear from the players themselves, meet the players, and if you happen to be one of he players, it’s also a time to have Trevor Bauer playfully call you out on Twitter for trivial things, apparently.

He started last night with a jab at Jason Kipnis, who is spending this weekend somewhere else instead of hanging out with his teammates signing autographs for fans like a good teammate.

And then this happened:

Even Indians player at Tribe Fest signing autographs for fans are not safe from Trevor’s Twitter trolling, though. Carlos Santana was being a bit of a ball hog with his autograph on this team ball — Trevor wasn’t about to let that go unnoticed.

My very-real and thought-out math calculations say you could probably bit fit about five more signatures on this ball, or one-and-a-half Santana-sized autographs.

Tribe Fest is still just getting started, and hopefully so is Bauer.