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Edwin Encarnacion brings power to the Cleveland Indians, but how much?

Morning news and notes for Tuesday, January 24, 2017.

MLB: Cleveland Indians-Edwin Encarnacion Press Conference Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Tribe Fest is this weekend, so hopefully many of you will be there saying hi to Edwin Encarnacion and encouraging him to hit 87 home runs this season. And while you’re there, you can pick up a shiny new Encarnacion jersey.

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Inbox: How much power will Edwin bring? | MLB

Jordan Bastian takes some questions from Tribe fans this week, and the first question asks just how many baseballs will Edwin crush in 2017? Bastian says that since Progressive Field is trending towards being a hitter-friendly park, we may see Edwin surpass his FanGraphs projections for 2017. I sincerely hope that he’s right.

Signing Alomar tops Tribe’s free-agent moves | MLB

Everyone is (rightfully) ecstatic about Encarnacion joining the Tribe for the 2017 season, but don’t forget that Roberto Alomar came to Cleveland in 1999 and paired up with Omar Vizquel to make an unstoppable middle infield combination.

Cleveland championships over the next 5 years: Peer into your crystal ball |

With the Cavs breaking the Cleveland championship drought, the Indians almost winning the World Series, and the Browns not going 0-16, there’s a lot of excitement in the Cleveland sports world. Zack Meisel and co. sit down to discuss how many championship parades the city can expect in the next five years.

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