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News and Notes: Terry Francona accepts AL Manager of the Year Award

Also, Jeff Manship is headed to the KBO.

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Terry Francona accepted the 2016 AL Manager of the Year Award yesterday
Terry Francona accepted the 2016 AL Manager of the Year Award yesterday
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Indians News

NYC BBWAA awards dinner honors triumph, legacy |

Terry Francona was on hand to accept the 2016 AL Manager of the Year Award:

Cleveland Indians have Terry Talkin' apology to Kenny Lofton, outfielders -- Terry Pluto (photos) |

Kenny Lofton didn't receive 5% of the vote his first time on the ballot, which still confounds me. Generally a borderline players can gradually pick up steam as the years pass, as happened with Tim Raines this year. But Raines debuted with a solid 24.3% of votes, while Lofton managed only 3.2% of votes. Although b-ref's WAR has Lofton within one win of Tim Raines, I think the reason why he got so poor a reception by voters was that a big chunk of his value was from base running and defense, things that don't have an equivalent tradition stat. He would have needed all 10 years on the ballot for voters to slowly come around on him, but wasn't allowed that chance. Here's hoping the Veterans Committee sees in Lofton what the writers didn't.

Francisco Lindor proud to host Play Ball Event |

Lindor is the first MLB player to host of these events. This one was in his hometown of St. Montverde, Florida.

MLB News

Sunday Notes: JBJ, Bridich, Wallace on Britton, more | FanGraphs Baseball

Jackie Bradley, Jr. talks about the importance of keeping what is said in the confines of the clubhouse in the clubhouse (this is in reference to Antonio Brown's live broadcast after the AFC Divisional playoff game).

Also, notes about Jose Ramirez and Dave Wallace. Wallace will be in charge of a new coaches development program.

Here is the 2017 MLB Draft order now that all qualified free agents have signed -

The MLB draft order is now set. The Indians won't pick until #64, as they gave up their first round selection when they signed Edwin Encarnacion.

The NC Dinos play in Changwon, South Korea, and started play in 2013. And yes, their mascot is a dinosaur.