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Indians news and notes: Blown calls and magic numbers

Morning news and notes for Friday, September 9, 2016.

"Jim, if you keep blowing calls in favor of Cleveland, they're going to think something is up"
"Jim, if you keep blowing calls in favor of Cleveland, they're going to think something is up"
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At the time of this writing, is is September 8 and the Cleveland Indians have a comfy 6 game lead in the AL Central over second place Detroit. With just 23 games remaining in the regular season, the Tribe can play worse than .500 ball the rest of the way (11-12) and end up with 92 wins. For the Tigers to beat that mark by a single game, assuming the Tribe can go 11-12 the rest of the way, they would need to finish out the season with an 18-5 record. The division isn't clinched, but it's starting to look really, really good for the Indians. And now, onto the news!

Astros 7, Indians 10

LGT RecapBox Score

A botched call by the normally solid Jim Joyce and Lando's 30th trip to Cloud City helped to overcome a shaky outing by Trevor Bauer to get the Indians their 81st win on the season. Francisco Lindor and Abraham Almonte also had big days at the plate while Cody Allen and Andrew Miller each had a pair of strikeouts. On a semi-related note, with just one more win between now and the end of the season, the Cleveland Indians will officially have four consecutive winning seasons since Tito was brought on board in 2013. Fun times in Cleveland again.

Indians news

  • Tribe donating to local league after theft, vandalism | MLB
    The Cleveland Indians organization helped out a local youth league on Thursday when their complex was broken into earlier in the week. The article also says that one of the Tribe's mascots showed up for the donation presentation; for the sake of the children, I sincerely hope that it was Mustard and it wasn't Slider.
  • The missed foul ball call in yesterday's game led to 2 gift runs for the Tribe. What struck me as even more confusing was how time was called. If the pitch was thought to be a wild pitch and not a foul ball, then the ball was live and Ramirez should have been able to come around and score. No runs should have scored on the play, but calling time in the middle of a live ball was incredibly odd.
  • Cleveland Indians' victory shrinks magic number to 18 to clinch American League Central Division |
    The remaining games in the regular season for Cleveland will be played against other AL Central teams. While the magic number is shrinking, the Indians still need to take care of business within the AL Central in order to punch their ticket to the ALDS.
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