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Let's Talk Tribe Podcast Ep. 45: Not a fantasy football podcast

Bad calls, Santana's big bat, previewing the 25-man playoff roster, what do with the fifth rotation spot, a reluctant Twins preview, listener questions, and much more!

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THE NFL SEASON IS BACK! And we dedicate exactly 12 seconds to it then never mention it again, because who cares?

The important thing is that baseball is in the final stretch and the Cleveland Indians appear to be on top of the playoff pile heading into October. They may have benefitted from some weird calls this week, including yesterday's abomination of a call that resulted in the Tribe scoring two runs off of a foul tip.

Carlos Santana's 30th home run of the season did not need any kind of benefit of the doubt to be counted, and you bet we discussed it. Jason and I also had a lengthy discussion about Mike Napoli and whether or not he is really the team's "leader." And, if not, is there any other one player who truly is?

Leader or no leader, fifth starter or no fifth starter, should the Indians fear the Detroit Tigers or Kansas City Royals? The Indians should playing all-out until a playoff run is clinched, but maybe fans can start scoreboard watching the Texas Rangers instead of the trailing Tigers. Maybe.

We also talk about our predictions for the playoff rosters and discuss the boringness of the September call-ups.

And, of course, we take your questions. Matt Schlicting Matt Sklakteng wanted to know if 538's odds for the Indians to win the World Series are too high or too low, @alisonvermilya658 wanted to know how many home runs we think Jason Kipnis, Mike Napoli, and Carlos Santana will finish with, @ehoops wanted to know our ideal playoff matchups and Christopher Allen Bishard wanted to know if Bradley Zimmer will be better than Clint Frazier in the long run (boy, do we hope so).

Oh, and Jason 100% guaranteed he would get a back tattoo if the Indians make the playoffs it's in writing now he totally has to do it.

This week's episode clocks in at 67 minutes. Thanks for listening!

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Intro and outro music: I'm a Machine by Glass Lux.