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How the Cleveland Indians acquired their current MLB roster, 2016 edition

Acquiring the Cleveland Indians 2016 Franchise [or, the continuing saga of Jerry Dybzinski].

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Veterans of the site are aware of my fascination with transaction chains as I have posted this article since 2008. It has sort of become an annual tradition of sorts.

When I first posted this, there were a number of very long transaction chains, but over the years many of those have gone by the wayside. The good news is that the longest active transaction chain, which began with the drafting of Jerry Dybzinski, is both alive and well as Corey Kluber is under contract through 2019, with two very team friendly options in 2020 and 2021. The odds that the club picks up both options is looking very good right now.

I also erred last year in claiming Kluber's chain was the longest. That distinction actually belongs to the New York Mets and David Wright. The only way that Kluber can pass him is if Wright does not get dealt prior to the end of his deal in 2020.

There is even an outside chance that Kluber's chain could result in a team record if the front office has to deal Kluber at the tail end of his deal. The current longest known chain (from 1965 onward) is 47 years, which began with the drafting of Ray Fosse in 1965 and expired when John Drennen was released in 2012.

Before this season began, I was pretty confident that Trevor Bauer would get traded this offseason, thus extending his chain to five. But with the way he has pitched this season, I seriously doubt he will get traded.

There are only three more players in the system with chains of three, Carlos Carrasco, Abraham Almonte and Rob Kaminsky. Newly acquired Andrew Miller leads the list of two chain players, although his trade was unusual in that four draftees were the return.

The oldest tenured draftee in the system is Josh Tomlin from 2006. The next in line are the 2008 guys, Lonnie Chisenhall (1), T.J. House (16) and Roberto Perez (33). There are only three players left from 2009, Jason Kipnis (2), Austin Adams (5), Joseph Colon (12) and only one guy left from 2010, Robert Aviles (7).

The oldest tenured amateur free agent is still Danny Salazar from 2007. Then you have Jesus Aguilar, and Giovanny Urshela from 2008 and Erik Gonzalez and Alex Monsalve (and perhaps Justin Toole, who hasn't played in 2016) from 2009.

After the list of all the team rosters with how each player was acquired is a list of players let go in the past year. If they have joined another team, they are noted in parentheses.

Notes: I have included compensation draft picks as being more than one degree as the Indians obtained that pick based on a player they formally held rights to. Also, when I have identified a free agent year, it is the year they signed for (i.e. December 11 would be 2012). Additionally, whenever I could not find confirmation of an amateur free agent signing, the year defaults to their first appearance. [aFA = amateur free agent, mFA = minor league free agent]

All data is through Tuesday, September 6. Today we will focus on the major league roster. Tomorrow will be the Columbus Clippers, Akron RubberDucks and Lynchburg Hillcats rosters. And then on Saturday we will look at the Lake County Captains, Mahoning Valley Scrappers and Arizona and Dominican Rookie League rosters.

Players on the roster

One Degree

Draft 2006: Josh Tomlin (19)

aFA 2007: Danny Salazar

Draft 2008: Lonnie Chisenhall (1); Roberto Perez (33)

Draft 2009: Jason Kipnis (2); Joseph Colon (12)

aFA 2009: Erik Gonzalez

Draft 2011: Francisco Lindor (1); Cody Allen (23); Cody Anderson (14); Shawn Armstrong (18)

aFA 2011: Jose Ramirez

Draft 2012: Tyler Naquin (1)

Draft 2013: Kyle Crockett (4)

mFA 2015: Jeff Manship (originally drafted 14 by Twins in 2006); Perci Garner (originally drafted 2 by Phillies in 2010); Adam Moore (originally drafted 6 by Mariners in 2006); Michael Martinez (originally 2005 aFA by Nationals)

Purchase 2015: Dan Otero [from PHI] (originally drafted 21 by Giants in 2007)

FA 2016: Mike Napoli (originally drafted 17 by Angels in 2000); Rajai Davis (originally drafted 38 by Pirates in 2001)

mFA 2016: Marlon Byrd [suspended] (originally drafted 10 by Phillies in 1999)

Purchase 2016: Chris Gimenez [from TEX] (originally drafted 19 by Indians in 2004; played with Tribe from 2004-2010; 2014)

Two Degrees

Michael Clevenger (originally drafted 4 by Angels in 2011)

1.  Trade Angels 2014 for Vinnie Pestano

2.  Berger - Draft 2006 (20)

Zach McAllister (originally drafted 3 by Yankees in 2006)

1.  Trade Yankees 2010 for Austin Kearns

2.  Kearns - mFA 2010

Andrew Miller (originally drafted 1 by Tigers in 2006)

1.  Trade Yankees 2016 for Austin Kearns Clint Frazier, Justus Sheffield, Ben Heller and J.P. Feyereisen

2.  A. Frazier - Draft 2013 (1)

B. Sheffield - Draft 2014 (1)

C. Heller - Draft 2013 (22)

D. Feyereisen - Draft 2014 (16)

Yan Gomes (originally drafted 10 by Blue Jays in 2009)

1.  Trade Blue Jays 2013 with Mike Aviles for Esmil Rogers

2.  Rogers - Purchase 2012 from Rockies

Carlos Santana (originally 2004 aFA by Dodgers)

1.  Trade 2008 Dodgers with John Meloan for Casey Blake

2.  Blake - mFA 2002

Michael Brantley (originally drafted 7 by Brewers in 2005)

1.  Trade Brewers 2008 (PTBNL) with Matt Laporta, Rob Bryson and Zach Jackson for CC Sabathia

2.  Sabathia - Draft 1998 (1)

Brandon Guyer (originally drafted 5 by Cubs in 2007)

1.  Trade Rays 2016 for CC Nathan Lukes and Jhonleider Salinas

3.  A. Lukes - Draft 2015 (7)

B. Salinas - aFA 2015

Three Degrees

Carlos Carrasco (originally aFA by Phillies in 2001)

1.  Trade 2009 Phillies with Jason Donald, Lou Marson and Jason Knapp for Cliff Lee and Ben Francisco

2.  A. Francisco - Draft 2002 (5)

B. Lee - Trade 2002 Expos with Lee Stevens, Brandon Phillips and Grady Sizemore for Bartolo Colon and Tim Drew

3.  A. Colon - aFA 1993

B. Drew - Draft 1997 (1)

Abraham Almonte (originally aFA by Yankees in 2005)

1.  Trade 2015 Padres for Marc Rzepczynski

5.  Trade Cardinals 2013 for Juan Herrera

3.  Herrera - aFA 2011

Four Degrees

Trevor Bauer (originally drafted 1 by Diamondbacks in 2011)

1.  Trade 2013 Diamondbacks (and Reds) with Matt Albers and Bryan Shaw for Tony Sipp and Lars Anderson to Diamondbacks (Shin-Shoo Choo and Jason Donald to Reds; Reds sent Didi Gregorius to the Diamondbacks)

2.  A. Choo - Trade 2006 Mariners with Shawn Nottingham (PTBNL) for Ben Broussard

B. Donald - Trade 2009 Phillies with Carlos Carrasco, Lou Marson and Jason Knapp for Cliff Lee and Ben Francisco

C. Sipp - Draft 2004 (45)

D. Anderson - Trade 2012 Red Sox for Stephen Wright

3.  A. Broussard - Trade 2002 Reds for Russell Branyan

B. Francisco - Draft 2002 (5)

C. Lee - Trade 2002 Expos with Lee Stevens, Brandon Phillips and Grady Sizemore for Bartolo Colon and Tim Drew

D. Wright - Draft 2006 (2) compensation for Kevin Millwood

4.  A. Branyan - Draft 1994 (7)

B. Colon - aFA 1993

C. Drew - Draft 1997 (1)

D. Millwood - FA 2005

Bryan Shaw (originally drafted 2 by Diamondbacks in 2008)

1.  Trade 2013 Diamondbacks (and Reds) with Matt Albers and Trevor Bauer for Tony Sipp and Lars Anderson to Diamondbacks (Shin-Shoo Choo and Jason Donald to Reds; Reds sent Didi Gregorius to the Diamondbacks)

2 to 4.  See Bauer details 2 thru 4

Nine Degrees

Cory Kluber, (originally drafted 4 by Padres in 2007)

1.  Trade 2010 Padres (and Cardinals) for Jake Westbrook (to Cardinals; Cardinals sent Ryan Ludwick to the Padres and the Padres sent Nick Greenwood to the Cardinals)

2.  Jake Westbrook Trade 2000 Yankees with Ricky Ledee and Zach Day for David Justice

3.  Justice - Trade 1997 Braves with Marquis Grissom for Alan Embree and Kenny Lofton

4.  A. Embree - Draft 1989 (5)

B. Lofton - Trade 1992 Astros with Dave Rohde for Willie Blair and Eddie Taubensee

5.  A. Blair - Trade 1990 Athletics for Alex Sanchez

B. Taubensee - Waivers 1991 from Athletics

6.  Sanchez - Trade 1990 Blue Jays (PTBNL) with Mauro Gozzo and Steve Cummings for Bud Black

7.  Black - Trade 1988 Royals for Pat Tabler

8. Tabler - Trade 1983 White Sox for Jerry Dybzinski

9. Dybzinski - Draft 1977 (15)

Players who have moved on

One Degree (drafted or signed by the Indians)

FA 2014: Gavin Floyd [TOR-MLB]

mFA 2013: Ryan Raburn [COL-MLB]

mFA 2015: Ryan Webb [TBR/CHW-MLB/AAA]; Jerry Sands [TOR-MLB/AAA]

mFA 2016: Joba Chamberlain (originally drafted 1 by Yankees in 2006); Ross Detwiler (originally drafted 1 by Nationals in 2007) [OAK-MLB]; Tom Gorzellanny (originally drafted 2 by Pirates in 2003) [BAL-AAA; released]; Tommy Hunter (originally drafted 1 by Rangers in 2007) [BAL-MLB]

FA 2016: Juan Uribe (originally aFA by Rockies in 1997)

Two Degrees

Nick Hagadone

1.  Trade 2009 Red Sox with Justin Masterson and Bryan Price for Victor Martinez

2.  Martinez - aFA 1996

Mike Aviles [DET-MLB//ATL released]

1.  Trade Blue Jays 2013 with Yan Gomes for Esmil Rogers

2.  Rogers - Purchase 2012 from Rockies

Giovanni Soto [sold 2015; CHC-AAA]

1.  Trade Tigers 2010 for Jhonny Peralta

2.  Peralta - aFA 1999

Chris Johnson [MIA-MLB]

1.  Trade Braves 2015 for Nick Swisher and Michael Bourn

2.  A. Swisher - Free Agent 2013

B. Bourn - Free Agent 2013