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Cleveland Indians World Series tickets are already on sale and they are not cheap

If you are feeling optimistic (and have $900 laying around) you can reserve your spot at Game 1 of the World Series.

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Miami Marlins v Cleveland Indians Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images

The Cleveland Indians have yet to clinch a spot in the playoffs, let alone a chance at the World Series, but you can bet preparations for the possibility of it happening are already underway in Cleveland. They probably are for every playoff-bound team, to be fair. Parades do not just happen at the flick of a switch once a team wins a championship, they take months of preparation.

Well, if you are feeling lucky (and have $900-$3,000 cash to burn) you too can plan ahead and be ready just in case the Indians are hosting a team in Game 1 of the World Series. And yes, if the Indians make it, they will be considered the home team as the American League won the all-important All-Star game in July.

Prices through StubHub remain the mostly the same through Game 2 of the series, but if you want to bet it all on a seven-game thriller, it is going to cost you. Tickets for Game 7, which would also take place at Progressive Field, start at $1,793. Meaning if you were okay with sitting in the bleachers shoulder-to-shoulder with John Adams and his drum you would still need to shovel out enough cash for a decent down payment on a used car. Tickets behind home plate are only $2,345 at the moment, so if you can afford the money for a bleacher seat it might be worth it to sell a kidney and bump yourself up to great seats behind the plate.

Either way, attending a World Series game is going to hurt your wallet. But if the Indians win and you are there to see it? Worth every penny.

Although, the pain Indians fans would feel on their wallets is nothing compared to fans of the Chicago Cubs, the one team with a longer World Series drought than the Tribe. Tickets to the first home game of a potential World Series match-up — Game 3 — start at $2,450 for standing room only. In order to have a place to put your butt during the game you would have to shell out $3,000 for outfield upper deck reserved seats.

Meanwhile, Game 5 at Wrigley Field — the last possible home game — would run you $3,500 for standing room only, $4,000 for outfield upper deck reserved seats.

(h/t Glenn Moore on Twitter)