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Francisco Lindor is warming up in a Space Jam jersey

Just give this man the MVP trophy already.

TJ Zuppe, Twitter

Cleveland Indians shortstop — and certified rad 90s kid — Francisco Lindor is taking the field before today’s game against the Houston Astros wearing something... amazing.

Forget all those WARS and on-base percentiles or whatever you nerds use, this is the only measurement you need to find your 2016 MVP: Toon Squad jerseys above replacement (TSJAR). Lindor leads all players with 1.0. Everyone else has 0.0. Say it with me: M. V. P.

If you did not already know about Lindor’s ties to the greatest sports movie of our generation, one of his walk-up songs is the theme to Space Jam. The other is Jump by Kriss Kross, which is equally as amazing.

The jersey itself was created by a fan (@Viper13OO7 on Twitter), who actually got to meet Lindor yesterday.