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Salazar dominates early, offense wakes up late for a walkoff win

My two favorite players came through in big ways for the Tribe today.

Indians 6, Marlins 5

Box Score

Indians improve to 79-56


Alright folks, we're trying a new recap format today. Well, new for me, anyway. This recap is written in real time with the game.

1st inning

If Danny Salazar can look like this for 5-6 more innings, we'll be in business. Salazar has his secondary stuff working beautifully. He has two strikeouts in the inning, and Gimenez made Franceour look absolutely foolish on a stolen base attempt to end the inning.

Koehler is using his offspeed stuff effectively as well, as he got Santana to weakly fly out and Lindor to ground out softly to end the inning. Tribe hitters will need to lay off the slider out of the zone if they want to succeed against him.

2nd inning

Great, quick inning for Danny. A strikeout on a stupid good split change, a fly ball, and a weak grounder. I can get used to this.

Damn, Napoli and Ramirez both squared up a couple of pitches; Nap's went right at Franceour in left field, and Ramirez's hooked just foul in right field. Hammy just said that Chisenhall is in an 0-for-17 slide. I'd like to see him break out of it right here...hey, he did it! He golfed a pitch past a diving Dietrich to get the Tribe's first hit. But Almonte swung at ball four and popped out to shallow center. Such is life.

3rd inning

Velocity for Salazar looks to be in the 93-94 mph range. I'm hoping nothing is wrong. And on cue, Derek Dietrich lines a double down the left field line. Oh cool, a wild pitch. I'm sure that won't come back to hurt the Indians. And Danny walks Chris "17 walks on the season" Johnson. This cannot end well. Chopper to Santana at first, he comes home with it and GIMENEZ LOST THE BALL WHAT IN was a great throw and Gimenez just...didn't catch it. And now Danny can't find the strike zone. And the Tigers just took the lead again. And my ex-girlfriend finished moving out yesterday and took our cat with her. Times are tough. Getting through this inning with only 1 run given up would be a miracle. Salazar reared back and hit 95 mph for a strikeout. AND THE SPLIT CHANGE STRIKES OUT PRADO! Nice work, Salazar. Nice work indeed.

I really don't think Joe West knows what a strikezone is. Ball four to Naquin, which was in the same spot as two other pitches in the at bat (that were balls), was called a strike. Koehler came back on the next pitch and struck him out. Gimenez half makes up for his boneheaded play in the top half of the inning by launching a double into the gap in right center. Indians at least making Koehler work. Pitch count is becoming a concern for both starters in the 3rd inning. And Kip strikes out on a slider out of the zone. Bollocks.

4th inning

Salazar starts off the 4th with a looking K. 6 on the day so far. The split changeup is devastating; 7 K. And he strikes out the side! Danny is rolling again.

Hey, a leadoff walk. Maybe it's time for a huge inning. Or a Party at Napoli's. Yeah, I'd accept that too...or a first pitch weak popup to the first baseman. Hamster follows up with a nifty ground ball through the hole on the right side. Another Chisenhit would be great right now. A rocket off the bat of Chisenhall hit a fan in the stands down the first base line. Game has halted momentarily, I sincerely hope that the fan is okay. Looks like she's going to be okay. Runners at the corners and cannot score as Almonte strikes out on a hanging breaking ball. And the Tigers won. Glorious.

5th inning

You know, Danny's fastball is what everyone always talks about, but his split change is even more impressive. Starts off the 5th with his eighth K of the day. So Rojas went to steal second, but stopped midway between first and second on the throw down by Gimenez. Easily tagged out by Santana. Hey look at that, Ichiro strikes out but Gimenez, AGAIN, can't catch a ball, which allows Ichiro to make it to first. BOOM, 11 STRIKEOUTS FOR THE DZAR!

Koehler is hanging breaking ball after breaking ball and none of the Tribe hitters can do a thing about it.

6th inning

Danny Salazar out to start the sixth inning. Another strikeout will give him a new career high in a single game. Double play ball helps Salazar get 2 quick outs as he finds himself over 100 pitches. And now Salazar is done for the day. Fantastic start for Salazar, the rotation is looking like a juggernaut for October. Dan Otero comes in and needs 2 pitches to end the inning.

Hey, another leadoff walk (courtesy of Jason Kipnis). But a GIDP by Lindor and a lazy fly by Napoli takes care of the Tribe rather quickly. I wasn't aware we were facing Cy Young today.

7th inning

A rare error by Lindor on a routine ground ball off the bat of Rojas. I feel like I've just seen a unicorn. Otero got Franceour to strikeout on a sinker just above his shoelaces. And the error is costly as Martin Prado hits an RBI single up the middle. 2-0 Marlins. Shaw is coming on with two outs in the inning.

A leadoff, no helmet double for the HamStar. Now 5th in the AL in doubles, per Hammy. Can we PLEASE score this inning? A broken bat dribbler to Rojas at short can't be made as Ramirez scores from second on Almonte's RBI single! Tribe trails 2-1. A BEAUTIFUL jump by pinch runner Rajai Davis as he steals second uncontested. Naquin hits a shot to 1B to move Davis over to 3B. Enter Coco Crisp. 4 pitch walk to Crisp brings up Carlos Santana. Crisp steals to put runners on 2B and 3B. Santana walks to load the bases. It's Kipnis time. First pitch to Kipnis could have been murdered (mid 80s between the middle and outer half of the plate right at belt level). KIPNIS GIVES THE TRIBE THE LEAD!!! SEEING EYE SINGLE UP THE MIDDLE TO SCORE DAVIS AND CRISP!!!

8th inning

Welp. That lead lasted all of 2 pitches. Bryan Shaw gives up a towering home run to Realmuto. Game tied 3-3. Andrew Miller comes in later than he probably should have and retires the next two batters. Go figure.

Boy, a party at Napoli's sure would be nice right about now. Nope, a weak line out to the third baseman. But HamStar comes through again with his third hit of the day. Looks like it'll be a walkoff win if the Tribe is to win this one.

9th inning

Miguel Rojas opens up the ninth with a leadoff double. This could be troublesome as Dee Gordon comes into pinch run. A rare bad day for both Shaw and Miller as Ichiro ropes an RBI double to right field to score the go ahead run. Tribe trails 4-3. A sac fly brings in another insurance run for the fish as the Tribe heads to the bottom of the 9th trailing 5-3.

Fernando Rodney comes in and throws 4 pitches that are nowhere near the strike zone. Guyer walks to bring up Santana. Rodney then almost hits Santana on 2 straight pitches. Ball 3 goes all the way to the backstop and allows Guyer to move up into scoring position...and he walks Santana on 4 straight. Third base umpire makes a terrible call on a check swing on Kipnis for a strike out and Kipnis is out. Guyer and Santana up into scoring positions, Tito ejected for arguing with Joe West. Lindor pops out weakly for the second out in the inning. A party at Napoli's would be REALLY great right about now. Napoli walks to load the bases for the HamStar. HAMSTER WITH A SEEING EYE SINGLE TO THE LEFT SIDE TO TIE THE GAME!!!! CHISENHALL WITH THE SINGLE TO RIGHT FIELD, THE INDIANS WIN IT!!! THE INDIANS WIN IT!!!