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Fan appears to leap in front of kids to grab a ball thrown to them

Don’t be like this guy.

@Sedmach, Twitter

I have always said (joked?) that if I am alone at a baseball game and catch a ball, I am not giving it away to another kid in the stands. For one, I have two kids at home who are too young to really care about coming to the game, but they would love having a baseball. And two, I get to maybe two games a year, so I’m keeping a souvenir, damnit.

However, that strictly applies to balls that happen to be in my area, either a foul ball, or one tossed in my general direction that is not clearly aimed a child or other adult.

Apparently this fan at last night’s Cleveland Indians-Miami Marlins game doesn’t live by the same creed.

The ball was clearly being thrown to the group of kids, a slow-roller over the dugout and had to come all the way off screen to get it, as you can tell when he quickly shuffles away.

Unfortunately, whoever threw the ball immediately went into the dugout and didn’t notice the grown man diving in front of a bunch of kids to take a ball thrown directly to them.

This is the only video I can find of it happening, so there’s always a chance the guy realized his mistake and gave the ball back. Maybe he got caught up in the moment and saw a ball coming in his relative direction. Maybe he, too, only gets to a couple games a year. Let’s hope that’s the case.