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Inclement weather prevents Cleveland and Detroit from playing

Hopefully this one doesn't have to be made up.

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Indians @ Tigers postponed due to rain

Indians stand pat at 91-67

(Non) Game Thread


The universe is seemingly against Ryan Merritt. The young lefty was slated to make his first major league start today against the Detroit Tigers in the season finale against the two AL Central teams. However, a lengthy storm (which accounted for up over four hours of delay) that doesn't look like it'll be stopping anytime soon caused today's game to be postponed.

This postponed game could create chaos for one or both teams involved depending on how the remaining games shake out. If the Tigers are still in the hunt for a wild card spot, this game will definitely be made up. If the AL seeding is still uncertain after Sunday, the game will definitely be played in order to solidify who the Indians will play in the ALDS.

Having to make this game up on Monday could also be disastrous for the Indians in terms of lining up the pitching for the postseason. As it stands now, here is how the rotation will shake out the rest of the way:

The Red Sox and Tigers are going to have to lose a lot of baseball games over the next few games for this game not to be replayed. Oh, and the Indians should probably win a few as well.

Top Tweets from the flood:

If weather permits, the Indians will start their final series of the season tomorrow at 5:15 PM against the Kansas City Royals.