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Sign the petition asking PepsiCo to name this the "Chisentray"

Just a few quick clicks on and you can help make the world a better place.

The growth of Chisenwords to describe the fantastic feats and unfortunate follies of Cleveland Indians outfielder Lonnie Chisenhall only continues to grow. While I doubt I'm first person to ever make a portmanteau out of the player's last name, I've championed their use since the offseason. Now, a mysterious figure known only as "Nate Turner" has emerged, asking PepsiCo to formally name the water cup trays that come with its Gatorade coolers as "Chisen-trays". My only recommendation is to drop the hyphen.

Let's recall the two separate occasions when Lonnie Chisendumped the trays of water on teammates after walk-off wins. The first came after Tyler Naquin's inside-the-park-homerun on September 19th.

The two-cup salute came in the heat of the moment, but Chisenhall made sure to fully load the Chisentray before Brandon Guyer's walk off on September 20th.

You can be a part of history; the moment when a big unruly mob the concerned citizens of Cleveland fought corporate America and won. Sign the petition. Make it the Chisentray.