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Cody Anderson and a posse of arms ready to defend the home field against the White Sox

Split start? Bullpen Day? Chalupa? Let's just make sure we can call it a win when it's over.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

White Sox @ Indians

September 24th, 2016. 7:10 PM ET Progressive Field

Television: STO

Radio: WTAM



Maybe it's not a number that excites you. That's fine. Numbers can be kind of boring, like twelve. There's not much going on to it, and it's divisible by a quarter of the numbers before it. Not prime. Not imaginary. Just twelve, sitting at the bar next to eight, each wondering how seven and forty-two get all of the action when really they feel quite interesting, too.

Ninety. It should be an interesting number to you. The Indians have that many wins coming into tonight's game against the Chicago White Sox, and it might be one of the more unusual games to date. According to T.J. Zuppe, here's what Francona had to say about Cody Anderson's "start" tonight.

We don’t want to stretch him out. I talked to him today, we want him to treat it like a bullpen. And the reason being, like we did with [Mike Clevinger] a couple week before he started starting, go out, play your catch at 4 o’clock, go out to the bullpen, don’t do all the long [toss], just like you’re going to come in to relieve. Because we don’t want him to get stretched out. We want him to impact the game in certainly multiple innings, but talking 2-3 innings range. We’d like to see him try to dominate a couple innings as opposed to trying to get him stretched out for five or six. So that’s kind of how we’re treating it. I Just wanted to make sure he understood so there wasn’t any mix-ups going into it.

Some believe that Clevinger will "relieve" Anderson in what would amount to a split start before handing the ball over to the true bullpen. Is it technically a bullpen day, then? I don't think so. When Carrasco was injured last Saturday after two pitches, eight pitchers followed him to provide ten innings of shutout relief — THAT was a bullpen day.

Regardless just remember all these statistical tricks and theories never work we lose all the bullpen games just have to make Cody go eight innings in the playoffs

Anyway. The Indians can continue to slice and dice their Magic number tonight, which is the most interesting and exciting number of all.

Also, I'm doing a pregame show on the Let's Go Tribe Facebook page if you're into that jam, and will be doing a postgame show as well. Hopefully in a poncho.

Today's Lineups


Tim Anderson - SS

Rajai Davis - CF

Melky Cabrera - LF

Jason Kipnis - 2B

Jose Abreu - 1B

Francisco Lindor - SS

Justin Morneau - DH

Mike Napoli - DH

Todd Frazier - 3B

Carlos Santana - 1B

Avisail Garcia - RF

Jose Ramirez - 3B

Alex Avila - C

Brandon Guyer - RF

Carlos Sanchez - 2B

Coco Crisp - LF

Leury Garcia - CF

Roberto Perez - C

Jose Quintana - LHP

Cody Anderson - RHP


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