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News and Notes: TJ House designated for assignment

Not a good day to be a junior tiger

he may not be in focus but LOLOLOLOL that look
he may not be in focus but LOLOLOLOL that look
David Maxwell/Getty Images

TJ House, long past his days as an effective Minnesota killer, was the odd man out on Tuesday when the Indians added Adam Plutko to the 40-man roster. Tiger Junior had the most deceptive 2.76 FIP of all time in his 2.2 innings with the Tribe this season. Opponents BABIP may have been .545, but that's not too unusual when you come in and get hit hard. He wasn't much better in Columbus.

In other news, the Indians won in walkoff fashion again last night! It was Brandon Guyer doing the honors this time, but doing the water cup tray honors was the same guy as last time: Mr. Lonnie Chisenhall. Brandon was also doused with sugar cubes.

Carlos Santana homered again—if only 33 home runs hit 40 home runs. Sigh.

Here's the only thing Paul Hoynes tweeted about this rather nice walkoff win:

Tribe Notes

• The Indians have the best record in baseball since June 1. Michael Brantley played in zero of those games.

• Josh Tomlin was excellent last night and knows he needs to be.

Around baseball

• Jeff Samardzija has played 2 more sports than Tim Tebow.

• Jose Fernandez pitched against the Nationals yesterday and shut them out with a small amount of help from Phelps. Fernandez struck out 12, which is 4 times the amount of batters who reached base off him (3 hits, 0 walks).

• Addison Reed is doing a decent but incomplete Andrew Miller impersonation. DO NOT TRADE ZIMMER FOR HIM!