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Voting now open for Cleveland Indians “Fan of the Year”

VOTE FOR COREY KLUBER. Oh, sorry. Whenever I hear “vote” my instincts kick in. He’s not actually a nominee.

The Cleveland Indians have opened the voting for their “Fan of the Year” contest, and also released a list of nominees to choose from.

As the tweet says, fans can vote by going to before September 19, selecting the Indians, then tweeting out their respective nominee’s name.

You can bypass all that by just using the hashtag #IndiansFOTY1 for Nate Crowe, the inventor of the “Party at Napoli’s” phrase, #IndiansFOTY2 for Kat Heintzelman, who wanted a hug from Mike Napoli right before starting chemotherapy, #IndiansFOTY3 for Kyle Chaboudy, who recorded himself being recorded on the big screen, or #IndiansFOTY4 for Markhi Williams, who swapped signed batting gloves with Francisco Lindor. You could skip going to the page, but each participant put together a custom video to try and get your vote and they’re kind of neat. I’d suggest checking them out anyway.

Now, with all that said, there’s a huge snub here. Is it me!??!? No, I’m talking about 67-year-old Jacque Mazey, who crocheted every single player, coach, and TV broadcaster their own afghan, complete with a personalized, handwritten note.

I am assuming this contest was planned well ahead of time and Ms. Mazey’s generous contribution was not received in time to get a video made for her. Because, otherwise, what the hell, Indians? [Update: The Indians do have souls.]

Absent Jacque Mazey, this seems like a runaway for Nate Crowe (@HipsterTito), who created a phrase that united Indians fans as much as it did its players. A phrase that ultimately raised $121,000 for cancer research and gave us one of the most counterfeited shirts ever.

And, I mean, come on. This was in his pitch video. How do you not vote for him.