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Indians news and notes: Salazar down, Gomes on the rise

Morning news and notes for Tuesday, September 13, 2016.

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A game like yesterday's is bound to happen over the course of a 162 game season. They're never fun in the moment, but since the Cleveland Indians have been incredible during the games leading up to last night, it wasn't all that bad. Since the Tigers won last night, the magic number remains at 14; after yesterday's utterly miserable showing, it would be nice to rebound and shave a game or two off of the magic number. And now, onto the news!

Indians 4, White Sox 11

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The 32nd Party at Napoli's was not enough to overcome the White Sox scoring in every single inning of last night's contest. In addition, sloppy play on defense from the Tribe gave way to extra outs on a night when Carlos Carrasco couldn't get out of the fourth inning and only Perci Garner and Kyle Crockett did not give up runs. But, on a positive note, Matt didn't get hit by an errant foul ball while furiously typing up the game recap whilst sitting on the first base line. So, that's a plus.

Indians news

  • Indians to evaluate Gomes after rehab games | MLB
    Just as Danny Salazar goes down with an arm injury, another key member of the Cleveland Indians may be on his way back. Yan Gomes is currently rehabing in Akron now that the Clippers' season has ended, and he hopes to be back with the Tribe for the stretch run and the playoffs.
  • While I would love for Naquin to take home the AL Rookie of the Year honors, he will most likely fall short to Michael Fulmer of the Detroit Tigers.
  • Cleveland Indians' Terry Francona on injured Danny Salazar: 'We want to get him healthy' |
    In news that really comes as no surprise, Danny Salazar will not pitch for the rest of the season and is questionable for the postseason. This is a devastating blow to the Cleveland Indians, but hopefully Danny can get healthy and make a full recovery soon.
  • Around the League

    And, as always, here are the graphical standings for the AL Central, courtesy of Reddit user /u/n4cotix: