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News and Notes: Danny Salazar returns to Cleveland for MRI

If losing 2-1 to Minnesota doesn't make your morning oatmeal taste like cardboard, perhaps the news that Danny Salazar is getting an MRI will.

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Last Night's Game - Twins 2, Indians 1 (12 innings)

Minnesota Twins, Joe Mauer beat Cleveland Indians, 2-1, in 12 innings |

Twins beat Indians with walk-off in 12 innings |

Long, painful game ends with a balk and a walk-off - Let's Go Tribe

Quite an annoying game. The Indians were (in theory) punting the game by going with a bullpen game, but surprisingly the patchwork of Mike Clevinger, some AAA guys, and the regulars held the Twins to one run. But then the offense couldn't do anything after scoring a run in the first inning. The closest the Indians came to winning was when Rajai Davis slapped a liner down the right field line in the ninth inning, but Max Kepler made a game-saving diving catch to keep the game knotted up. After that the Indians didn't threaten to score again.

Tribe News

Indians' Danny Salazar to miss a start |

This is the second time this season that Salazar will have an MRI done; the last time he missed 15 games even with no structural damage, and if the results come back the same this time, he'll miss at least one start.

Cleveland Indians shuffle rotation: Salazar hurt, Clevinger, Tomlin get nod vs. White Sox |

The good news here is that Tomlin pitching Wednesday will mean he won't be facing the Tigers next weekend. And with Clevinger presumably pitching Thursday, that means the pitchers facing Detroit will be Kluber, Carrasco, and Bauer, which the best the Indians are going to do.

Orioles beat Tigers to regain Wild Card edge |

This means that the Indians maintain their six-game lead in the Central. My rule of thumb is for the Indians to enter next weekend's series with a seven-game lead over the Tigers; that would allow for the Indians to retain the division even if the Tigers take six out seven games (assuming of course that there's no change in the remaining games).

MLB News

The Dividends of Alex Bregman’s Non-Adjustment | FanGraphs Baseball

Bregman looked very good against the Indians this past week, and as it turns out, that wasn't just a fluke; he's been hitting well against everyone lately.

Rich Hill, Dodgers beat Marlins |

LGFT Rich Hill was six outs away from a perfect game, but manager Dave Roberts had to pull him over concerns about a recurrent blister on his pitching hand. The Dodgers would still prevail, but the perfect game was lost in the eighth when Jeff Francoeur (of course) got a single.

Minnesota Twins: Alex Anthopoulos out of GM running

I suppose that Anthopoulos didn't think the Twins were a great situation to get into, which I agree with. But then again, there are only 30 GM jobs, and usually only a couple a year are available.