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Michael Brantley suffers another setback, Cleveland Indians considering options

Nobody wants this.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Indians announced today that All-Star LF Michael Brantley once again felt pain in his right arm and shoulder due to chronic biceps tendinitis after taking part in "hitting activities" late last week.

Brantley played in 11 games during the months of April and May, managing .231/.279/.282. The Indians sent him back to the disabled list as it became clear that the shoulder was not ready for everyday baseball. At this time, it's fair to wonder if there is any time frame at all for his return.

Nobody wants this. I'm reminded of the Grant Hill's odyssey in Orlando. The Magic thought Hill would lead the franchise for a decade; instead, he played 47 games in his first four seasons due to chronic ankle injuries and never regained form. To me, the "most appropriate plan moving forward" is to keep Brantley from even looking at a baseball bat for the next six months.

It's not for me to say whether or not the Indians handled his rehabilitation up to this point correctly. What I can point out is that shoulder injuries -- and a torn labrum in particular -- are notoriously difficult to judge and recover from. Short of Brantley's entire arm going necrotic and falling off, it feels like nothing else could possibly go wrong at this point, but it's difficult to assign blame in a situation like this.

During the winter, we said that a return in early May would be perfect for Brantley. We may be looking at that as an optimistic return time frame once again, unless the Indians are willing to consider another, more drastic "rehabilitation" regimen for Brantley's shoulder.