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Tim Tebow is attempting a baseball career; the Cleveland Indians can safely not care

Before anyone even brings it up — no.

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Jets Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images

If you have not already heard the news, Tim Tebow — a generally nice guy who is not very good at football — is going to attempt a career playing Major League Baseball. The news first came from ESPN’s Adam Schefter and was later confirmed by a statement from Brodie Van Wegenen of CAA Baseball.

Whenever Tim Tebow’s name comes up, opinions are instantly divided. In this case, opinions seem to be divided on whether or not Tebow can actually make a career in the majors, or if this is a publicity stunt for a popular player who is rapidly fading from the mainstream light.

The history is there, but it’s a very distant history

Some scouts are reportedly impressed with how quickly Tebow has picked up a bat and hit well, despite not playing competitively since high school. Although he is a bit more scathing than I feel (and he has terrible tastes in baseball jerseys) I tend to agree with Craig Calcaterra most on the issue: If Tebow thinks he can really do this, he is living in a fantasy land.

I do not fault him for trying, but picking up baseball in hopes of playing at a high level after you have not played in over a decade is highly unlikely to succeed. Granted, Tebow was very good in high school, but Major League Baseball players who miss just a year or two, heck a month or two in some cases, struggle to adjust to the game. The idea of Tim Tebow doing it is preposterous.

Before you even ask, Tim Tebow does not fit anywhere on the Indians

All 30 teams have been invited to Tebow’s workouts, but I would expect (hope?) the Indians are perfectly fine with taking a pass. Maybe they will send a scout to do their due diligence, but — love them or hate them — this is a very smart front office and scouting department. I cannot imagine them going out and signing Tebow just for the publicity because he surely is not going to help them win a World Series in 2016.

And, naturally, with any big news like this, fans on Twitter have been pestering the official Twitter account. As always, they have taken notice and responded with a 10/10 tweet.

At the very least, Tebow joining the minor leagues could do some good. Whatever Class-A team has him on their team will suddenly get a ton of attention and ticket sales. But I imagine that’s about as far as the good fortune will go.

Tebow is not a terrible person for wanting to play a second sport, but that doesn't mean I'm rooting for him

I commend Tebow for following his dream of becoming a baseball player, even if that dream only came after failing to become a player in the NFL. However, as someone who knows a lot of football fans, the last thing I want to see is a failed football player suddenly pick up a bat and be good at it. Suddenly all the "baseball is such an easy sport anyone can do it" arguments will feel validated, even if they are still incredibly wrong.

So, on a personal level, go for it, Tebow. I’m all for chasing dreams, and few players have spent more time and effort chasing a dream without much success than Tim Tebow. But as a baseball fan, I hope this will flare out in a month or two, at most.