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Indians news and notes: Roberto Perez & Chris Gimenez not the cause of rotation implosion

Morning news & notes for Tuesday, August 9, 2016.

It's not your fault. Look at me,'s not your fault. It's not your fault. No, no,'s not your fault
It's not your fault. Look at me,'s not your fault. It's not your fault. No, no,'s not your fault
Andy King/Getty Images

Leave it to the Tigers to lose on a day in which the Cleveland Indians had no chance to win a baseball game. Regardless, Detroit's 3-0 loss to the Mariners last night added another 0.5 game between them and the first place Tribe. It sure would be nice to get the division lead up to 3.5 games tonight. Let's check on the pitching probables:

Oh my...well, here's to hoping for a #BauerOutage tonight! And now, onto the news!

Indians news

  • Inbox: Do Tribe catchers factor into rotation issues? | MLB
    Rightfully so, Jordan Bastian points out that the recent string of bad outings by the Tribe rotation is not the fault of catchers Roberto Perez and Chris Gimenez. But this is the internet, and the truthiness of the internet cannot be changed.
  • Michael Brantley's comeback stalls again; Cleveland Indians buckle up for stretch run |
    It continues to seem more and more likely that we will not see All-Star Michael Brantley for any of 2016. It's incredibly disappointed to see such a high caliber player sidelined by injury; thankfully, from a team perspective, the offense hasn't been the huge pit of despair that we all envisioned it to be sans Michael Brantley.
  • Get to know Danny Salazar: Cleveland Indians spotlight |
    Okay, a few things. 1) Danny, you play in Cleveland and you chose KETCHUP?! 2) Can you do card tricks and a back flip at the same time? 3) Can you record Gomes singing in the shower? And 4) Superman over Batman? You've never been so wrong, Danny.
  • Jason Kipnis spent his off-day in D.C. riding a Segway around the Washington Monument | MLB
    Whoever filmed this should be immediately cut from Kipnis' group of friends for failing to overlay Weird Al's "White & Nerdy" over this video.
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