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Let's Talk Tribe Podcast Ep. 41: Miller Time (w/ guest Tanya Bondurant)

In this week's episode, Jason and I discuss the trade deadline, Danny Salazar's injury, the terrible Twins series, and we preview the Yankees series with Tanya Bondurant of Pinstripe Alley.

David Maxwell/Getty Images

Oh golly gee, it's a shame there was nothing interesting to talk about in podcast form this week. The Cleveland Indians only acquired the best reliever in baseball in exchange for two of their top prospects and part of their soul, and they also almost acquired one of the best catchers in the game until... you know the rest.

Jason and I talk about it all, as well as Danny Salazar's injury and the underrated impact of Brandon Guyer. We also think about the idea of Juan Uribe becoming a coach and hope it happens to be on the Indians.

Special guest Tanya Bondurant of Pinstripe Alley joins us as well to preview the upcoming series against the New York Yankees. She lets us know what to expect from our shiny new reliever, and how Yankees fans feel about the package they received in return for him. We also get to the bottom of the mystery of how Brian Cashman managed to dump Ivan Nova on another team and still get something in return. That man is a magician.

And finally, we answer social media questions from @Doctor_AndyB who wants to know the plan for 1B/DH next season, @StanFinger who wants to know how worried Indians fans should be about the Twins series, @RyanFlor4 who wants to know why on earth Abraham Almonte keeps getting playing time, Dan Magrey from Facebook who wants to know about the outfield situation, and Brad Susany from Facebook who wants to know if recent distractions are the cause of the mini-collapse.

This week's episode clocks in at 70 minutes. Thanks for listening!

Special thanks

  • Intro and outro music: I'm a Machine by Glass Lux.
  • Tanya Bondurant for joining us.
  • Andrew Miller for existing.