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Coco Crisp, not Tim Tebow, likely to be a member of the Cleveland Indians

Go pick up a box of cereal to bring with you to the ballpark this September.

A younger Coco Crisp
A younger Coco Crisp
Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Coco Crisp is probably going to be a member of the Indians by the time you read this. No, he's not Yasiel Puig, but unless we gave up an actual prospect for him, which I doubt, I don't see how there's any way anybody could hate this. One thing about this move that hasn't really been mentioned: Coco provides injury insurance where we previously had none.

Here, Crisp talked to Jonah Keri about the art of stealing bases. Disclaimer: I have not read much of it yet.

This move is made more fun by the fact that the Indians won last night, 5–4 over their nemesis, the 49–83 Minnesota Twins. And the Royals lost to New York after forcing extra innings.

In the former ballgame, Zach McAllister made this awesome play, which is something you definitely won't see again this decade.

Around baseball

• Tim Tebow worked out for MLB teams yesterday. I watched roughly 3 minutes of it because the periscope of it popped up on twitter, and you’ll never guess what I saw! (Swings and misses and foul balls. And one humpback liner that would have been caught by Jhonny Peralta. That’s it. He looked like Oswaldo Arcia trying to hit Corey Kluber.)

Or, in the words of one scout, "He looked like an actor trying to portray a baseball player." All teams showed up except for the Cubs and Athletics.

But, as usual, Brandon McCarthy's opinion of what it looked like was the most entertaining. Now here, let me illustrate for you just how correct he was:

• Speaking of Dodgers, Andrew Friedman’s fantasy football team has more talent than Clayton Kershaw’s.

• And speaking of Yasiel Puig, he was claimed on waivers by an unknown team. More likely, by a number of unknown teams. A trade does not appear to be likely. You wonder if putting a guy on waivers and seeing more than a dozen teams claim him makes you realize how dumb your organization is being.

But LA still has a good front office—and the head of it will likely beat their ace in fantasy football this season.