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Jason Kipnis wonders if Rougned Odor is going to punch him in the face

Adrian Beltre approves of this message.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

During the bottom of the fifth inning of last night's game between the Indians and Rangers, Texas second baseman Rougned Odor reached on an error, and was then retired on an inning-ending double play hit into by Jonathan Lucroy. The play at second was close, and Jason Kipnis was lightly knocked over by Odor's slide.

As most baseball fans are sure to recall, earlier this season Odor had a run in with Jose Bautista of the Blue Jays after a hard slide at second, an incident that ended with Odor clocking Bautista in the face (resulting in a seven-game suspension for Odor).

After Kipnis got up, he playfully backed away from Odor, feigning fear that Odor was going to clock him next. Odor smiled and laughed about it, but his Rangers teammate (and future Hall of Famer; if anyone wants to argue otherwise, you can meet me in the comments) Adrian Beltre enjoyed it even more.

Here's video of the play, and the reaction in the Texas dugout:

Any joke that's good enough for Adrian Beltre is good enough for me. And Adrian, if you're reading, consider that if you joined the Indians, you could be around for the comedic stylings of Kipnis and friends all season long. I'll put in a word with the fellas about not touching your head.

Oh, and if anyone thinks Kipnis was wrong to be goofing around while the Indians were losing the game, you can peddle that nonsense somewhere else. Maybe go out to that lawn of yours, the one you spend so much time yapping about.