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Let's Talk Tribe Podcast Episode 44: One night in Cleveland

In this week's episode, Jason and I tell our own stories about attending Indians games, we discuss the idea of scrapping Josh Tomlin, the recently released playoff schedule, and we preview the Rangers.

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Is it weird that the last two site managers (and everyone else on the Let's Go Tribe staff) do not live in Cleveland? That seems weird to me. Either way, whenever Jason or I manage to get to a game, it's a big occasion for either of us. It just so happens that we both went to separate games in the past couple weeks. In Jason's case, he got to take two really cool things. As for me, I am a miserable failure who didn't catch a ball when I easily could have.

Coincidentally, the Indians also look like miserable failures on the field right now. Does that mean it's time to panic for the season? Of course not. Looking at playoff odds, the Tribe's odds of reaching are in the high-90s, and both Baseball Prospectus and FanGraphs has them as American League favorites to win the World Series. Slumps happen. They suck, but they happen. It just so happens the Indians are in the middle of one.

We also discuss Danny Salazar for what feels like the fifth episode in a row. The Tribe's No. 3 starter has struggled lately, to the point that even his pitching coach is calling him out in public.

Jason had to run at the end, and we spent a lot of time talk about other things, so we only got to one social media question this week. Merry Fiscko on Twitter wanted to know if the Indians pitching staff is good enough to carry the Indians to a World Series if the offense falls flat in the playoffs. In short, probably.

This week's episode clocks in at 51 minutes. Thanks for listening!

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