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Tyler Naquin’s walk-off, inside-the-park home run is photoshop gold

When he's not walking off on MLB teams, Tyler Naquin also enjoys dominating the Olympics.

Every winning baseball team has those special moments every season. The kind that only count for one hit, or one home run, or one win on a scorecard, but in reality they are much bigger. They bring fanbases together, and they make everyone excited for what is about to come for their team.

The Cleveland Indians had one such moment last night when rookie-of-the-year-candidate Tyler Naquin hit a walk-off, inside-the-park home run to seal the Tribe’s 70th win of the season. It was amazing, and his elation immediately after the fact was even better.

If you missed it, here’s Tom Hamilton’s excellent call of the moment as only he can deliver it:

And, of course, with any moment like this — especially one that involves such a glorious pose at the end — it did not take long for the internet to get a hold of it and make it something... extra.