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Indians erase three quarters of massive deficit, never fully recover, lose 10-6 to Twins

Where did the party go?

Lonnie doubles to cut Minnesota's lead to 8-6
Lonnie doubles to cut Minnesota's lead to 8-6
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Indians 6, Minnesota Twins 10

Box Score

Indians fall to 60-44


Carlos "Noah" Carrasco started Tuesday’s game off smoothly, hitting 97-98 mph in an effortless first inning.

Things changed in the third inning, unfortunately, when Minnesota scored 4 off Carrasco. It went like this: Double, Homer, Double, Homer†.

† Max Kepler, again. I hate that this guy is in our division.

This continued and continued. You’re not going to want to hear this, but we miss Yan Gomes. A lot.

Roberto Perez caught 28 games while Yan missed time last season (Apr 14–May 23) and I seem to remember us having similar conversations about the starting staff starting to struggle.

Carlos Santana broke up the shutout with a 2-run homer in the 5th. He has broken out of his mini slump in dramatic fashion.

The hit parade continued, as Francisco Lindor had 3 hits again and leads the league in such games.

As Kyle Gibson was preoccupied with Lindor at first base in the 5th, Mike Napoli homered for his 4th straight game. Fours were wild: The blast traveled 444 feet.

Gibson fell apart fast and couldn’t turn an 8-0 lead into a #PitcherWin, as a Lonnie Chisenhall double knocked him out of the game before he could pitch 5 innings. The Twins did lead 8-6 after that inning, though.

The scored stayed 8-6 for a while until Terry Francona bizarrely decided to bring Human Launching Pad Austin Adams into the ballgame.

Twins 10, Indians 6.

Random observations

• I don’t even know what Polanco’s first name is, but I wish he’d stop hitting

• Austin Adams pitched after a scoreless Cody Allen appearance. That’s strange. Just as strange, Shawn Armstrong remains in AAA.

• At one point during this game, Abe Almonte was 7 for his last 14 at the plate. Decent.

• The Tigers won again. Be worried.

• I’m sure the Indians’ shallow outfield defense is backed up by data, but it’s cost us as of late.