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Let's Talk Tribe Podcast Ep. 42: What a Guy(er)

In this week's episode, Jason and special guest co-host Matt Schlichting discuss Brandon Guyer's place on the Indians, Danny Salazar's slow recovery, a Toronto Blue Jays preview, and much more.

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Believe it or not, the Cleveland Indians did more than just trade for Andrew Miller at the deadline. They also fail to trade for Jonathan Lucroy. They also traded for Brandon Guyer, who has been great for his new team -- batting against lefties as well as righties. What kind of future does that guy(er) have on the Tribe?

With my wife selfishly taking her own computer with her for school orientation, I only had one computer at my disposal and could not record as well as be on the podcast. So, in my absence, Matt Schlichting stepped in and made the show much better. He and Jason had a lot to talk about this week, including some injury updates and a preview of the upcoming series against the Toronto Blue Jays. Best of all, Jason won a contest on Twitter and now he gets to do something kind of insane on Progressive Field this weekend.

They also answer your social media questions including @RWFreeman who wants to know if Indians fans have finally stopped hating Carlos Santana, @RyanFlor4 who wants to know about the possibility of a six-man rotation, Matt McFee on Facebook who wants to know win total predictions, Daniel Diaz on Facebook who wants to know what's up with the low attendance for a winning team, and Logan Andress on Facebook who wants to know if Danny Salazar, Michael Brantley, and his iPod are actually broken or not.

This week's episode clocks in at 52 minutes (and feature's beautiful intro and outro music sung by yours truly). Thanks for listening!

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