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Danny Salazar is wearing a Jose Ramirez fire emoji hair t-shirt and it's amazing


Prior to Wednesday night's game between the Cleveland Indians and Chicago White Sox, pitcher Danny Salazar was showing off his fashion sense with the greatest shirt ever known to man.


Just look at this beauty.


This is, for those of you unaware, a blown-up version of a brilliant photoshop done by the official Indians account that they used as their Twitter avatar for a few glorious weeks, riffing on Jose Ramirez's orange-red hair.

According to the Indians, the shirt was made by Twitter user @81gamesCLE, who should get his own statue outside of Progressive Field for making this masterpiece.

Let's Go Tribe has its own pretty awesome Jose Ramirez shirt, if I do say so myself, but I am not enough of a sellout to pretend that mine is any better than 81gamesCLE's work of art.

And finally, here's a shot of the art installation that I am dubbing "fireemojifireemojifireeomji" from Andre Knott.